1. Mission

The Electric Power College of Central Vietnam is one of the leading engineering colleges in Vietnam. The college trains multi - level, multi – branches, and interconnected system between the tranining levels. The college provides high quality training programs for learners; meet the expectations of students, families of students, businesses that are in and out of the power sector. The collge offers high quality human resources to effectively serve the development of power sector and the industrialization-modernization of the country.

2. Vision

By 2020, The Electric Power College of Central Vietnam will become a center of training, researching and consulting on electrical engineering, electronic telecommunications and economic science – business administration having equal prestige with other universities in Central Vietnam and in the whole country. The college supplies the best university and scientific research environment for the learners, having high professional quality; ensuring that students graduate from thr collge having enough abilities to compete and to adapt quickly with the development of global technology and economy.