Being located in the heart of Central Vietnam and in the Hoi An Ancient Town of Quang Nam Province, The Electric Power College of Central Vietnam, founded from Power high school 3, is one of five members of the Electricity of Vietnam.

The Electric Power College of Central Vietnam is recognized as one of the training center of electric power science and economic science. From its foundation, the collge strives for the best place of training and scientific research. The Electric Power College of Central Vietnam provides students with the knowledge and skills about the science of electric energy, economic and managerial science in modern age.

With a professional lecturers and staff working together, The Electric Power College of Central Vietnam has created a high-quality educational environment to train generations of talented students for the country. Graduates from our college will have necessary knowledge and skills for their sustainable success in work and life.

The teachers in the college are always proud to have their dreams been true, enthusiastic to guide, build and make the dreams of their pupils as well as thiers become real.

All members of the college: leadership, teachers, staff and students in the college always widen their arms to receive new members: new students, new teachers who would like to give a hand to build the college, to build a young, dynamic, honest and advanced young generation.

We are always conscientious in work and try to maintain and increase the quality of training and research of the college. The Electric Power College of Central Vietnam has been and will be one of the top schools in Vietnam educational system.

We hope you can share with us the goal "Learning coupled with practice" for the sustainable development of each individual, families and the country.

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