I. Function:

Gerneral department is a specialist department which helps the principal in the organization officers, labor wages, general affairs, administration, management, planning, basic construction, major repairs, rewards, and discipline of the teachers and staff;

This department consutants the principal to contact for openning contracts to give training courses according to the social needs and the work of implementation of language-informatics center.

II. Mission:

1. Staff organization:

- Organizing and managing, storing personal history records of the staffs. Composing documents to appoint staffs to go on a business trip; go for further domestic and abroad study. Receiving back staffs having completed the learning tasks.

- Proposing organizational structure, drafting of regulations, the regulations of the organization.

- Planning of staff recruitment, helping board of recruitment organize exams to recruit staffs and appointed to the peofessional quota.

- Planning and organizing the implementation of planning, appointment, re -appointment, resignation, rotation of officers.

- Planning of building, training, fostering staffs of the college.

2. Labor - Salary:

- Implementing rights, policies for the staffs as prescribed, planning and implementing reports on periodic labor and salary (6 months/ year) to send to higher ognanizations as prescribed, ensuring the fulfillment, accuracy, on time. This department studies and proposes the adjustment of the salary regulations consistent with the State regulations, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and the college’s real situations.

- Performing the calculation of pay - sheet, monthly meals and the other wages to promptly solve the income source for the college’s staffs.

3. General work – emulation

- Monitoring and clearly knowing the situations in all aspects of the college. Synthesizing the reports of relating units to draft the college’s general reports to submit the higher organizations under the regulations; preliminarily reporting, summarizing the work of each quarter, 6 months, year (plan) on the basis of the reports of the units in the college; reporting at the annual staff meeting.

- Tracking, reminding the units and individuals concerned to perform and reporting records with right contents and time following the regulation of the higher officers and college.

- Organizing movements in the college, the work of information propagation and management of traditional rooms.

4. Clerical work - archives

- Receiving, ensuring the security, delivering promptly, ensuring right address dispatch to and from the college.

- Organizing and managing, using of the college seals as prescribed by law.

- Implementing the archives in accordance with the current regulations.

5. The work of planning – materials – basic construction – major repairs:

- Planning and implementing the investment of projects in basic construction, equipment investment, using the Development Fund under the provisions of the State, of EVN. Organising the management the construction works of the college.

- Planning and organizing the work of major repairs of architecture building, the infrastructure of the college.

- Generalizing the plans from the other departments, faculties to prepare and submit college’s annual plans and 5 year – plans to be approved by the EVN.

- Doing the first end to organize the contract signning, doing liquidation of economic contrack and mornitoring the implementation.

- Implementing and organizing the purchase of types of the necessary equipment, and materials to serve the activities of the school according to the recommendations of the units after being accepted by the principal.

- Implementing the providing of materials, managing the use and maintenance of technical equipment which are used in activities belonging to the functions of the department.

- Managing and archiving the records of constructions and facilities of the college.

6. Administration – administrator:

- Performing work relating to the units which are in and out power sector, welcoming guests, managing accommodation, meals, places to visit of the guests coming to work with the college.

- Preparing the location, decoration, sound, and lights for meetings, conferences, seminars and ceremonies according to the general rules of the State and of the college.

- Reviewing and issuing types of references, commands, certifications, duplicating paperwork issued by the college.

- Implementing the cleanness of the college, caring of trees, creating the college’s green, clean and beautiful environment.

- Other services, managing, allocating classrooms, teaching equipment; serving short – term classes and meetings held in the Lecture Halls.

- Managing, appoiting and repairing vehicles, promptly and best respond for the operation of the college. The contract of vehicles, purchase the plane tickets, train tickets, or a bus ticket for business trips of the leaders or guests who come to work with the college when required.

- Implementing the management and operation of electricity and water system, telephone, communication and contact, fire fighting equipment ... ensuring to have good services for academic teaching, laboratory practice, working and living.

- Performing the work of fire prevention, prevention of floods, storms.

- Performing the work of protection inspection, self-defense militia, management of the reserved army.

7. Training according to the demand and deploying activities of informatics and foreign language center.

- Actively contact with the units in and out the industry to open training courses, giving advanced training courses following the request of the units and being consistent with the profession and training system of the college.

- Joinning the negotiations, proposing the prices, the training program to sign training contracts.

- Consulting the units having signed a training contract about the work of recruitment; personel appoinment; organizing examinations, inputs assessment if the units require.

- Planning the organization of short courses under one month, raising the level of electrical workers.

- Planning and organizing to compile curriculum, materials to meet the requirements of the contract.

- Making teacher plan, teaching plan, final test plan; mark summarizing, making the decisions to issue certificates for learners of foreign language classes, information technology classes of foreign language informatics center.

- Issuing and tightly managing types of regconitions, certificates; making a supervising book of issuing certificates for learners of the foreign language informatics center and for learners of short-term classes.

- Performing other tasks when the headmaster requires.